Do I text my boyfriend too much?

I text him whenever I think of something I want to tell him...Which admittedly is a lot, but he isn't usually the only one I text that much. I've asked him on several occasions if it bothers him and he says it depends what he's doing, but it doesn't bug him and I'm not being a pain or anything. He told me if he wanted his woman silent, he'd date a mute and that he likes the attention. He answers about half the time, but I know he works all the time and usually doesn't when he's at work. Or he'll text me that he just woke up or his phone isn't working (it's slowly been getting worse and it finally totally pooped out on him, I was with him when he first told me)...Is he lying to me and I should cut down or does it really not bother him?


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  • Yes that is. Guys hate texts


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  • I would cut back a little. Let him wonder what you are up to :) Especially if he is working, let him focus on work and look forward to hearing from you when the day is over. If you are too available it could be annoying...good luck!

    • It's so hard though lol I'm a little worried I'm chasing him off, though from freaking him out.

  • Only you can tell if he's telling the truth. It really just depends on the person. My best friend's fiance calls her every hour from work. That would drive me nuts, but she's fine with it.

    • Good point...Though half the time he doesn't answer, he tries to keep up and he never sounds aggravated when he does...Been almost a year, I think he'd tell me by now if it did, but he's said himself I get bent out of shape when he tells me stuff (but he still tells me anyway lol)