Cancelled a third date two days in a row?

We made plans to go out the other day. He had to babysit his nieces due to a crazy circumstance so I know he had a good reason to cancel. We made another plan for the next day to meet up for a casual, day-date. He called me up after we made the plan saying he forgot he promised to go into work early for someone.

I know work is a priority so I'm not upset that he had to work. But does it sound like a good excuse? Or did he make it up? Will he make an effort to ask me out again? Or is he just not that into me?


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  • If it's the truth, it's an acceptable excuse. Get into the habit of pressing for a reschedule when dates cancel. At least you'll know where you stand.

    • He said we'd reschedule. I think they're both very legit excuses I just know on top of work he's extremely busy so the next date might take forever to get to.

    • Sounds like he's interested enough then and just has a lot going on right now.


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  • Sounds like excuses. Too bad.

  • I think he is just playing with you to drive you crazy. Or that could be true that those occurences did happen, wait for him to ask you, don't ask him. Let him ask you.