Why do they tell me they like me but not take me on a date?

This has happened to me twice. ill be texting a guy, they will say I'm cute and that they like me and will take me on a date... but don't end up taking me on a date. the first guy just kept changing they date so I just gave up on him after a couple of weeks. The second guy I went on a double date with to the movies kissed me at the end. its been a week and he doesn't really talk to me but still tells me he's into me but doesn't talk about wanting to hangout again. so what am I doing wrong... I don't like to wait for a guy to take me on ONE date.


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  • I actually got way into this discussion with a guy who asked me out. (We ended up blocking each other, which is our "happily ever after," but I don't want to skip ahead.)

    The guy's explanation is that he does not want to change the status quo of what he already has going on in his day. So, if chatting with you is convenient for him and he doesn't have to make too much of an effort, then that's what he'll do. If he knows you're counting on him to chat at a certain time but he feels it's not convenient for him, he won't do it. Same applies to meeting people. If he is already in the neighborhood and it's no spacial trip for him, he's more likely to come over to see you.

    At first, I figured he was just, you know, lazy, but then it comes out that he wasted a lot of time going out of his way to meet a person who ended up being crazy and he didn't want to risk the awkward communication, contact, etc.

    Later on, I find out he did the same thing to three girls within the same week. He was just trolling for girls to see if he had cyber-charisma. (He sort of does, but it was accompanied by hefty portions of "weird" and "lazy," lol.)

    My point is that if the guy doesn't meet up with you, don't assume it;s because of anything you did. Don't question them about it too much (which is a general shortcoming for women in dating); just move on.


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  • Hard to say if there's anything you're doing wrong. Could just be that the guys you went out with are busy or possibly ended up dating someone else. There could be a lot of explanations actually. Best way to know for sure is to just shoot them a text or email or give a call and maybe suggest something. Otherwise, you'll have to wait.


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  • six simple obvious words they just want to get laid!

    why do you think he kissed after just meeting you! just stop stressing out, wait it out the right guy will come along<3