I forgot I had a date tonight.

I have a date tonight and he said he was going to call me today to cement the plans. I totally forgot, I haven't showered yet,I usually do at night but I will always shower before a date, and I have already eaten dinner (he was going to take me out to dinner). I didn't even think about him or the date until I was eating dinner. LOL At least I am not disappointed because I forgot too. What to do?


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  • As long as you still put out after he pays for dinner it is all good baby.


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  • LOL poor guy, I am sure he is all excited to take you out, give your an amazing night and you totally forgot he existed.

    • I don't think you get it, he forgot too or something better came along or he chickened out or whatever. This is why I am laughing because I am not disappointed because I totally forgot.

    • I guess both of you were really excited about the date LOL

    • Actually,he was really hot and nice but I guess I wasn't really excited.

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