Why hasn't he texted or called?

ok so we were supposed to hang out or a movie today but he hasn't called or anything does that mean he changed his mind and doesn't want to I texted him earlier and said he was busy but that he did wanna go I'm still waiting should I continue to wait or blow him off?


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  • Blow him off and go out. If he hasn't made definite plans with you by now he's wasting your time.


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  • he's tired of having to do all the work!


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  • The same thing happened to me with a guy D: I waited two bloody weeks before I heard from him... Though he has a really messed up home life... I would wait.. If he doesn't call you or w/e give him a chance to explain maybe he had a really good reason... The guy I was with did and if you blow him off you'll feel guilty that you even thought something bad :( And if he can't explain himself then you know not to waste your bloody time on him again