I'm looking for a man, but a decent one, should I do online dating or go some place, if I go some place where?

I'm not desperate by any means but I am looking for a long term serious relationship. I am going to school for paralegal & Child Protective investigator.. but with that said I'm 21 I want to be in a place financially, romantically, & spiritually that the general population is in there late 30s.. so I'm not playing around nor do I certainly don't want to waste time.. I'm hustlen & staying on my grind & looking for a man who can respect that & ride with me.. I'm looking for an interracial relationship (im white)


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  • It sounds like you want this kind of guy who is a responsible well to do guy, maybe older but yet you want him to have a little "Street" personality? what I would suggest, instead of going online you should get to know the males who are interested in your same professsion and in the same classes as you possibly? I think that's a good starting ground to get to know people and have something in common. to start off on.

    • Seriously thank you I was thinking the same thing I'm so glad some one agrees THANK YOU!

    • Sure, no problem. and I would also consider keeping your options open as far as race. white, black, samoan etc... shouldn't matter, if the connections there let it flow...

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  • You are very clear lol, maybe do you need afroromance.com, I'm there and is a cool website, my name is Fred, nice to meet you.

  • Always look for RESPECT! Nothing else works...

  • well if your looking to be in the right place financially you might want to stay away from the interracial dating.


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  • Ah well I've yet to find Mr. Right but decent men are everywhere you just have to find one thet fits you...If you find these men let me know I'm almost 30 and haven't found one to my likkeing lol

    Good luck