Guys.....would you start dating someone if she had been dating one of your friends??? Is she untouchable??

What would be a reason you'd go ahead and start to date her?


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  • First of all depends on how close the friend is. If it's just a person I know and he knows me true a friend then I would date. If the friend is a real friend I would no doubt ask the permission from my friend if its o.k that I date his ex. And I'd need to be 110% insured that it won't strike back.

    Though there is always this little tricky thing that if I already have strong feelings to the girl I might even go for it without asking permission but would tell of course about it.

    In other words. You did not give enough info.


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  • I would never date a girl that my friend has previously dated, I've had a friend do that to me and it was often awkward.

    There's too many other women out there for me to meet rather then jepordizing or devaluing a friendship over a predated chick.

    - Untouchable.

  • a girl I have liked and I'm friends with hooked up with one of my friends. I am good friends with both of them and he told me that he didn't care if I went out with her. I normally would stay away from going out with a girl in this situation but I like her and she asked me out so I accepted and I feel she is special. so id say I would but only in certain situations...


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  • My boyfriend and his friend just talked about this the other day. He said he would not go for his friends x girl friends nor would want them to go after his x's. His reason was because he didn't like the idea of sitting around a camp fire and having the topic of "yea, I F***** her to" stories going around. It was nice of him. :)

    • I wonder what guys think of their friends who date their x's then????