Am I too forward? By asking this?

If I approach a cashier girl and say:

'Hey, I should have asked you this last time, but did you want to catch up for coffee or a movie sometime? Mine name is ****** by the way'

I know that she has at least noticed me, but I've only gone into her store once and asked 'hows work been today?' (I chickened out last time Because of a lot of customers)

Is it too forward and direct? Any advice would help a heap


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  • Go into her store and initiate small talk with her. Talk about the weather or something about the mall or ask her about a product in her store. Do this several times and see how it goes. At some point, she'll start to pick up on the fact that you're not just interested in the shoes (or whatever her store sells).

    If it goes well, do this for a while. Maybe, after a while (like a few weeks), skip a day or two, and see if she comes into your store. If she does, let her "browse" for a bit and then smile, say hi, and initiate some small talk.

    If all this goes well, you'll have some confidence that you can ask her to get some lunch. Lunch can work well - I'm assuming that you have a food court in your mall. So, you go into her store, she comes into yours. The next day, you go into her store. You both say hi then, "Hey, I'm going to grab lunch at noon. You wanna come?"

    The small talk you've already made will make this informal lunch date less awkward. On the other hand, if your attempts to initiate small talk do not go well, and she never comes into your store, you can save yourself from getting rejected point-blank.

    • Kk maybe I should have specified it's a fairly busy store with 1-2 workers on at a time, so she is rarely by herself or free to talk, should I make it quick and direct or should I go in there a try and make it a small convo?

    • Okay, that's fine. Inquire about products her store carries. Invent a reason to have an inquiry. See if you can segue into small talk starting with the weather or something. You don't have to be creative, you just want it to be plain that you'd like to talk to her. Repeat once or twice a week for a while. There's no rush to ask her out, okay?

      A natural and friendly tone of voice and body language matter. Found this quite useful, if you're up for reading



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  • Aaww lol that's cute though..mmm

    I would probably say no its not to forward and if you feel that the atraction is there then don't chicken out boyy just go for it.

    You don't have anything to looseee (:

    PS:look confident but not too much because it might make you look cocky.

  • As an associate at an Old Navy, that's honestly the cutest thing ever. If a cute guy came in and asked me out, of course I'd say yes. So if you think she's a little interested, go for it. I know it can be hard to do, since we have to be friendly by rules, so you can't really tell if it's genuine or not. But I also know I always have high respect for men that are confident enough to approach me like that. Maybe wait until the line slows down a bit? But go for it!

    • I would class myself as OK looking, 5"7 skinny. I tend to get a few comments about my blue eyes. But I have no idea if she is interested or not, I work in a different store across from hers in the mall and I've seen her looking over a few times (though I tend to look over there alot, its hard not to) but I also caught her pointing at me/mystore and talking to one of her work friends. Do you still think I should approach?

    • I think you should feel her out a bit first. Just chat casually with her about things, make a few jokes. If she doesn't fully laugh, or seems stand offish like she wants you to stop talking, then no. It's really not that hard to tell when we're attracted to a man, if we're genuine in our laughter and we try to keep up the conversation, then we do. And if you feel her out and she does seem interested, like you just feel like she is, then yes, approach away.

    • Kk maybe I should have specified it's a fairly busy store with 1-2 workers on at a time, so she is rarely by herself or free to talk, should I make it quick and direct or should I go in there a try and make it a small convo?

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  • Shoot, I'm sorry, I left the "l" off of html in my link. I was having trouble with the character limit. Let me try again.

    If you're up for some reading. Open my link (mikeb79) in a new tab, and put an "l" after htm, making it html.