Girls who date men shorter than them?

Are there any girls on here that have dated guys shorter than them? I'm just wondering what it would be like, since this guy likes me, he's 2 or 3 inches shorter than me, not a huge difference, but then again girls like tall guys for whatever reasons..

If you have dated one...was it awkward? Did you miss out on wearing high heels? Was dancing strange? Or was it awesome?


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  • 2 or 3 inches I wouldn't have mind, one guy I tried to date was about 6 inches shorter than me and I couldn't really take it. I was 5'3, and he was 4'9 so it just made me feel like I was the man in the relationship or something even though he was the man know what I mean. No disrespect to short guys though, he was really nice and always hepled me fix my car.

    • hahahaa... That's exactly what I was trying to ask with this question the whole "will I feel like the man of the relationship" it's funny though because he is also really skinny and more fit than me, so I think I top him on height AND weight which is kind of sad, who knows maybe I'll weigh him. hahahaa

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  • If you're under 18 and the boy is 2 - 3 inches shorter than you. I'd wager he'll outgrow you eventually. Regardless, I don't think it would really matter. Since honestly, if you asked a short guy if he would date a super model, he would say yes. Super models are tall, so if he doesn't date girls taller than him then he's a hypocrite.

    • Oh yes that supermodel bit does make sense, but he has been head over heels for me for a while now, just wondering what it would be like to date a shorter guy, is all. haha...

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  • if you really like him and he likes you then I see no problem. height shouldn't matter because he is young and soon he will grow taller than you. I have met some short guys who are now taller than I and this happened in a year. it might feel weird in the beginning but when you get to like him more the issue of the height dissppears