When do guys want to have the first kiss?

Do guys want to kiss before they ask the girl to be his girlfriend or when you are actually boyfriend and girlfriend? And how long until they start getting tired of waiting and just give up if the girl is shy? Anddd where do guys like the first kiss to be? their house or do they like romantic stuff?

ir can be your first real kiss or just the first kiss with that certain girl


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  • I did it before we were official and we were on our first date. MOST of the time if the guy doesn't kiss first then he probably doesn't have feelings for you or he's having too much trouble reading you and doesn't want to get rejected so he never tries. Guys who are sorta sensitive like me will wait for a more romantic situation to initiate. Guys who just don't give a f*** will do it anywhere really. MOST first kisses for your age will probably occur in a movie theater (Just saying). I've kissed before, but in a couple of days I will be in this same situation with a new girl and its been hard reading her, but I'm already set on going in for the first kiss anyways.


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  • Honestly if you guys really love each other just do it when you are sitting close. But if this is a fresh relationship, along the lines of Wassup, I think the guy is usually the one to initiate the first kiss. And I'm not sure about before or after being "official" it just depends on what situation you are in with that person.

  • My first kiss was kindergarten at age 5. She became my girlfriend shortly after. I kissed her on the cheek because we were in class. I later kissed her on the lips when we were 'official'. :)


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