How can I get my boyfriend to contact me more?

95 percent of the time, he doesn't text me back or call me when he and I are both off work. I'm not even sure if he still likes me, but I need to find out some how!

I will also say that the only time I see him is at dillons where he works. His schedule is ramdom, and mine isn't. I work evening hours at my job, and he works all kinds of stupid hours and has different days off each week. It sucks. I just don't get why he can't text me on his breaks at work or when he gets off work. I didn't get to see him yesterday at work because he wasn't working up front, so I couldn't talk to him about this problem or ask him if he seems to care what happens to us anymore
So instead, I came home and sent a brief text message stating how I wonder if he even cares anymore.


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  • Tell him if he wants the relationship to work, he needs to communicate better with you.


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  • You have to talk to him and let him know how you feel. It sounds like both of you are having trouble communicating with each other, and this needs to be addressed.


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  • Ask him if he still feels the same but in regards to the text nd calls he might wanna relax for awhile after work.