Bipolar..? Maybe maybe not.. I don't care but I want to know just incase..

The girl I like might be bipolar.. I don't know..

Shes said the word a few times talking about other people.. Her brother is one.. But I think she might be to.. But I don't know enough about it to really tell.. So I'm wondering..

First. How can I tell if she is?

2nd what is it.. I'm Not saying I Haven't looked up the medical deffinition.. But its basic info. And doesn't give personal expiriences.

So I'm asking if any one is bipolar.. What is it to you?

3rd.. I really like her bipolar or not.. So how can I keep her.. Any thoughts..

4. Anything else you would want me to think about while dating someone who is bipolar.. Just in case she is.. Or if later on I date someone who is..


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  • My mom is severely bipolar. Growing up with her, she'd have days where she'd scream and yell about the smallest things. Other days she'd think about things that happened years ago and cry nonstop about it. Other days, she'd wake up and be my mom- happy and normal. If your girlfriend is bipolar, just be patient. I've learned that patience is key when dealing with a bipolar disorder. Talk about whatever they're crying about and try to make them see that its okay, and know that sometimes nothing you can do will help. Just please, dont stop loving her if/because she is. I watched my dad do that with my mom, and it ruined her/my life. Best of luck to you xx


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  • I am bipolar and I can tell you about my emotional coaster. I have extremely bad mood swings that come unexcepted. There are periods of mania and depression for me I am more depressed than anything. For sufferers of type 1 there are also rapid cycling and mixed episodes. Rapid cycling which refers to having 4 or more episodes of depression and mania a year. when I get mixed episodes I am have some traits from the depressive episode and manic episode at the same time. I know more about bipolar 1 because that i suffer from type 1.

  • I'm not bipolar, but I've done research on it before. They go from a period (sometimes months) of being depressed to a period of mania; during that period they don't sleep very much and have way too much energy. Something you might want to know about dating someone who's bipolar is that they have intense mood swings. If you were to search 'bipolar girlfriend' or something along those lines, you would definitely find some personal experiences.

  • Interesting question. I like to know too


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