Should I call first?

I've been dating this guy for a couple months now. Everything seems great except that he has a thing with finger food and fingerprints. He insists that I must wash my hands before touching any books, magazines, or even loose papers in his apartment. One time I picked up a game manual without thinking about it, and he got angry at me for putting dirty fingerprints all over his stuff. He also can't stand finger food. When we go out, he always asks me to eat my french fries with a fork.

Well, last night I forgot. We were eating and I unthinkingly stole one of his french fries with my fingers. He got mad, and then I got mad. I refused to speak to him and went home, even though he started trying to be nice again. In a text message afterwards he told me that he was angry that I refused to communicate.

Now it's the next day, and I'm totally confused. I don't know if the fight is my fault or his. Should I call him or wait it out?


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  • I'm no doctor, but this DEFinatly sounds like OCD. I'm sure that you've heard of this mental condition before, but if not, you should Google it. It's not a big deal, pretty common, but can be a real big pain.

    As far as your question goes. you did nothing wrong! You ate a french fry with your fingers, like everyone else in the world does. I would have gotten frustrated too. And give him a call, I'm sure he feels really bad about it.

    ( Look into this OCD thing, seriously. It's very treatable.)


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  • hm sounds like this guy has a bit of ocd tendencies. I really don't think this is something worth fighting over though. you should at least talk to him. even more so if he felt bad and was trying to be nice after the argument. tell him that he needs to lighten up. not like he is going to die from finger food lol.


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  • Well I thikn you should decide of you are ready to talk to him or not (cause you were the one who refused to talk to him). so if you want to talk you could call. Or you could wait and see what he does, maybe he'll contact you himself.

    But why is he so strange about fingerprints and finger foods an stuff? Sounds really weird.

  • he has an ocd

    you either get use to it or move on