Would you ever date me?

I know there's a feature for this, but I don't want to put up a photo and such. I'm going off of personality.

I'm Asian, and I get a lot of racial jokes. I'm real laid back about it, though I probably shouldn't be. I find them funny if they're well thought out, but insulting if someone just says 'ching chong' after a sentence.

I'm 5', about 110-115 lb. I play tennis and swim regularly.

I'm reserved if I don't know someone well. I watch what I say and don't say much. I suppose that's an Asian stereotype.

If I know someone well, I'm quite immature. My whole basis of jokes is either sexual or insulting to something. (I hate that about myself, but find it hard to change.)

I'm pretty strong-willed. If I want something, I'll get it. I am both the leader in the follower. Generally, I'm the leader but in a relationship I'm the follower. I won't be pushed around, and I don't forgive easily, if at all.

I have mental problems; self harm, bipolar, depression. I hide them well, and you wouldn't know about them for quite a while. I keep scars to a minimum, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I find myself very unattractive, and I just need hope that at least one person out there would find me attractive.

I selected dating... I don't know why this is in the sexuality section...
... To avoid confusion, I'm straight.


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  • I totally would, I think Asians are cute.. :)

    And I think you got a really good sence of humor... because it ain't easy to laugh about the jokes that target u.. Ur 5' and 110 and play tennis so I'm guessing you got a pretty body.. The only problem would be that I'm 6' so it would be kind of fun to try to kiss u..

    I'm also a very reserved person around people I don't know.. and I think it is because I have respect for them and I don't want to say stuff that might offend them..

    I think I'm pretty much your twin when it comes to personality... I have also had what you call "mental problems" which are not... That's just the way you respond to the dreadful society that surrounds u..

    and I would like to tell you take I Care.. and that I already Love You :)

    • thank you.(: that makes me feel a lot better.


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  • Everything you said sounds good to me, but the self harm/depression. I know that must sound depressing... just kidding. Seriously, everything but those two and you're good to go.

  • idk..I would date an Asian female...would have to be attractive to me tho (I mean physically) I could handle the depression..my wife has that, scars don't bother me altho the reason they are there might, I think I could handle the bipolar too, but...self harm...that would bug me...can you control that?

    • yeah. I haven't for a really long time because I'm a swimmer. I know it's wrong and that I shouldn't, and that's enough to stop me. plus chlorine + fresh wounds will burn so badly.

  • Well your personality seems pretty awesome to me, and those problems don't really bother me, though I would try to help and keep you from any more hurting yourself. Looks do count though, but if I found you attractive on top of your personality, I'd love to date you :)


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  • I like your personality! If I was into girls, or if I was a guy. I'd go for ya. But sadly I'm neither. Best of luck hun!

  • i'd date you