Is he playing me? I really just don't know..

So me and this kid Charlie just started dating, Charlie doesn't have the best rep at our school but I'm dating him anyways. OK so he admitted to kinda liking my friend Shay but than I took him back when he said that he really liked me. Than he told my best friend that he really liked this other girl Nora. Brandon (my best friend) said "Ya kno megans standing right next to me" And Charlies like "Haha I'm JKing I love megan" I don't really know what to do.


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  • No offense girl, but he's done that twice already.. are you really going to wait for a third time?

    If you really like him tell him stop playing games and show that he really likes you because he is coming off as a player but do it nice but yet firm so he knows your serious. Good luuck!

    • Thanks, I actually ended up breaking up with him. We now hate each other and were lockerneighdors. for the whole year...greattttttttttttt

    • No prob(: & ohh dang! bummer! but just act like he is not even there. lol


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  • Why are you with him at all? He has a bad reputation and from what you're describing is showing that it may be merited. A bad reputation isn't a reason alone to not give someone a chance. The reputation could turn out to be false. But you're giving examples where he is proving to you that his bad reputation may be deserved. So why are you with someone like that?


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  • Are you really in the 25-29 age range?

    Anyway, I don't think that the guy likes you. He's just playing around. Don't waste your time on him.