What does it mean when my date never get past the first one?

My friend introduced me to a guy who is presently broke up with his girlfriend. We had an exchanged of messages by text and sometimes we go out for a date. But all in all what makes me feel bad was that every time we talk it would always involved her ex-gf. How he admired her and everything. I got sucked.


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  • Hi, sounds like he hasn't moved on yet. He might want to but he obviously hasn't if he talks about her all the time and you never get past 1st date. He probably sees you and someone he can confide in and get his thoughts in check with but he may be not interested past being friends. Don't wait around for him to be over her tho as he may only ever want you to be 'friends' doesn't mean he doesn't like you but he needs time to get to a place where he can date again properly. Hope that helps & good luck :)


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  • Didn't you ask a question right after this about your boyfriend?


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  • Maybe he hasn't had enough time alone to get over her.

  • there could be a few reasons:

    1. he's not over her

    2. He has no other interests


    3. He thinks talking about his experience makes him seem less like a loser

    4. He thinks that you might think that he is more of a loving guy if he loved another girl like that he might be able to love you like that

    5. he only sees you as a friend

    6. He doesn't know he is hurting you but he thinks you might be able to give him "pointers" on how to move on

    7. ask him his reasons...