Feeling like you don't belong anywhere, not even your family?

A year ago I moved away for my studies and I really failed at relating with people. I ended up spending the whole year alone, and hurrying up home on the week end.. of course the year was a failure considering how much I was suffering from loneliness and struggling with feelings of being unwanted and uncared for. I then moved to another town again because I had to, much farther away and kept on living by myself without the weekly visit to my family on the week end. But recentl it hit me, while I was with them. I felt just like I didn't belong with them anymore, like an outsider; as if it didn't matter much whether I was there or not... It's such an horrible feeling. I don't have friends (just one who I text fromt time to time when she has nothing to do) and no boyfriend. So my question is how do I deal with that? Sometimes it just feel like disappearing woldn't make that much of a change to how things truly are...


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  • Kinda in the same situation to a degree. Only got one friend that I text occassionally, I work alone, only see work collegues at the start and end of shift. I found online gaming helped me feel better as I made friends on there, but utlimately it just postponed and hide the fact I don't really have anyone close.

    Currently on a few different dating sites, not just to find a partner but also to make friends. met a few people so far, which made me feel better.

    Might not help you but it couldn't hurt :)


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  • Yes I feel like that too, not a great feeling