Dating someone from another country?

What's your opinion on dating someone from another country compared to a long distance relationship in the same country? What problems might we face if we were to get into a relationship? (Were only 16 and 17, please take this into consideration since only one of us can drive)


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  • Dating someone from the same country is better as compared to someone from a different country since you both are well aware of the culture,rules and regulations of your country .

    Though, if you like a person truly than distance should'nt be a barrier for you even if he lives in an another country.

    Basically, you may face problems in communication (if both are not good at english), you may face some cultural problems,you might have difficulty in understanding him and the people there. Also, if you stay away, you may start loosing interest in each other,you may not trust each other as much as you should.

    Anyways, if both are matured and they truly like each other, then there must be no problem.

    • Language and that shouldn't be a problem since it's Canada and the States. Thanks for your answer, selected as Best Answer!

    • Thanks for selecting the best answer.


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  • Bad idea really, as awful as it is it wouldn't really work (for 99% anyway)

    It takes a SPECIAL pair of people to stay happy when in other countries... SPECIAL!

    Take it one of you lives in Canada, the other America?

    If the countries are smaller, closer together it wouldn't be as bad (but still a huge strain)

  • it depends on how often you can see each other and if you eventually plan on staying together..


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  • Not feasible

  • I can't believe no one mentioned age, Dating someone from another country is hard for a grown up let alone a teen. Chances of something like that working is very low, You also got to factor in maturity. And you guys are really still kids.