Online dating experience opinions?

What are your opinions and experiences with online dating? I think it's getting more and more popular lately but there are so many risks involved is it actually worth it. Will you share your experience with online dating? :)


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  • Most of the time I never got replies and I only received messages from hogs and single moms with 2+ kids. I met one person online in person. We talked for a few weeks and had EVERYTHING in common. We met in person, had ice cream and talked for a little over an hour. She seemed to enjoyed talking to me. But when I went home she deleted her Plenty of Fish account and blocked my email. That was about two years ago. Now she has different hobbies, personality, and taste in men. Also she was 23 years old then and now she's 21. Saw her on another dating website.

    Apparently I was played. Granted I was a "mangina" back then but still it's a little harsh.

    I should have known was to good to be true to meet an attractive black female that's not ghetto and have EVERYTHING in common. Especially in Richmond, VA. Perfect doesn't exist. I hope online dating dies so we can go back to approaching each other in person and talking instead of texting.

    Oh and I was rejected by E Harmony. That was fun.

    Lucky I had a rude awaking not to long after that.

    • Yeah I agree, I think we should both approach each other rather than having to rely on online dating sites. Girls and guys alike. Everyone's so terrified of rejection lately that we miss out on some fantastic people that could be perfect for us.

      You sound like a great guy :) I'm sure you'll find a girl worth your attention soon.

    • Worth my attention? There's this one girl I'm talking too at school. I just hope she's not gay like my friend speculated. If she is, it's official, I just need to get out of VA. It's depressing.

      I have nothing against gays. (Safeguard)


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  • Yeah it's a tricky thing. Online sites, instant messengers, apps. People and information sometimes don't really match up. I've met odd and nice people. I've made more friends than anything.

  • tried it got two girls to respond. 1 asked me for weed and the other was old enough to be my mom lol


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  • It's hard to be honest. At first it's new and exciting, meeting this person who likes you for your personality. For a while it's bliss. Once you start dating them you crave physical attention, and emotional. You can't help but get a little anxious about how they feel, how nice it would be to go on a real date with them. Either you or him start to get busy and your forms of communication become strained. What if his computer shuts down? What about other priorities. Basically, online dating can be a fun, new and exciting experience. But for the long run? It's hell.

    As for risks, yes there are lots. But that's why you make sure you're aware of whom you're talking to. And be alert of any suspicious behavior if there seems to be any.

    • Yeah I agree with you about it being hell in the long run. I loved the attention at first when I began online dating but after a while I really didn't want to waste the mental energy on thinking about it all. lol I also find it funny how some of them wrote beautiful e-mails to me yet in person they couldn't say a word XD

    • lol that's because they had hours to think of all the nice things they could write. Whereas in person they had a few seconds to think of things just as pretty to say :P

  • well I met this guy on an online dating site about a month ago. we exchanged cell# and had been texting everyday.we have a lot in common and he has been really patient about meeting up because I'm shy.i actually got so nervous when I was supposed to meet him I saw him and left before he saw me.he waited an hour and a half but still wanted to try again. yesterday we just went on a first date and mini golfed and went for a walk for an hour and talked. although we were both shy in person it went pretty well and we have scheduled another date for Wednesday :). he was also the first person I'd ever gone on a date with lol. it's early yet but things seem good so far.

  • Just be who you are

    I'm a gold member of a dating website

    and I meet a lot of real friends there

    you can try

  • Not that great. Flaky flaky guys