Her best friend wants to date you! What would you do?

Okay so lets say that you dated a girl and she wasn't feeling well and broke up with you , she realized she was wrong and then wanted you back but her best friend wanted to date you ... What would you do in this situation ?

he knew I wasn't feeling well and I told him that I wanted to be left alone before I got irratated and said something I didn't mean to


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  • Did I know she wasn't feeling well and that's why she broke up with me or did she just break up with me and not tell me why?


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  • date yout friend.

  • date you


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  • I'm not a guy but I'll still answer anyway :)

    It highly depends on that guy and how he feels at that very moment, and how he feels about your best friend. If he's the sort of guy who prefers to just let go and move on with life and that he sorta fancies your best friend, then he'd go for your best friend. He also might give your best friend a try if he's one who likes trying new things. But if he's a guy with more tact and still value both of your relationship (especially if you guys JUST broke up), high chances are that he will still go with you.

    If he's been seeing someone else apart from both of you, he won't date any of you. And please don't let him manipulate you and your best friend and ruin the friendship should he decide to play on both sides since both of you want to date him.

    My gut feeling says he will still go with you :) (especially if you guys JUST broke up) If he does please don't ever make impulse decision again.

    • Yeah well he dated her & still is and thier 1 month is the day after what would have been our 2 month . So if that tell you anything & also that he still talks to me like he still likes me and all this other jazz I just don't know .