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How long to wait after a fight?

So I've been hooking up with this guy and we got into a fight late friday night. I sent him a text that wasn't all that nice cause I really thought... Show More

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  • I say that you should just wait till he writes you back,you already tried saying sorry he don't understand you can't do much about it.Wait till he gets back at you even if its killing you inside,that way you know he's okay with it.

  • WAIT for him to come around, trust me on this one I just went through a similar situation and giving him his space and cool down time it the best thing you can do, he already knows your sorry just leave it at that. my boyfriend didn't contact me for a week after our fight and if I would have tried talking before he was ready it would have f***ed things up even more :P So LEAVE HIM ALONE until he talks lol :)

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