Do you feel lost in dating?

What part do you feel most lost in?

What you consider to be the best way out of confusion for you?


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  • I just can't handle how childish women are most of the time. I was raised being told that women are caring and considerate people fundamentally and that I must always respect them. It was a cruel disservice my parents did me.

    • OK, so this, what you been told, is not true, but how to handle and deal with them then? I don't think that avoiding them is good thing. Not for me anyway.

    • You're right of course. What it comes down to is treating them sort of like how you would treat a mildly entertaining 13 year old cousin. They get off on the condescension and feel like they have to prove something to you. They also think the reason that you're being a d*ck to them is because you already have tons of girls which would mean you're a valuable guy, so they want you even more.