What is the most outdated dating tradition from your culture/country that is still around?

As the social interaction between people has evolved over the years, so has the dating culture. This is true, regardless of the culture you are in or the country you are from.

In the U.S. for example the standard time to wait after a first date before contacting them again is 3 days according to the tradition. Some still do this, others do not. If you break this rule as a guy a girl can consider you too needy or clingy and lose interest. Wait too long, and she will assume you aren't interested and lose interest herself. Why not just talk to them the next day, even if it is just to let them know you had a good time?

So my question for you is what is your outdated tradition for your culture or country and what do you think should be changed about it?


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  • that the guy has to initiate the date and relationship


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  • Im Spanish...we pretty liberal down south...but there are still men out there who think their ladies have to act a certain way (always respectful and take care of kids and stuff like that just sexist)...

    But I do think that in my country girls are very strict with their man and they expect a lot. Some get it, some dont.

    • What kind of things do the Spanish ladies expect? I do think that one should always have respect for your partner, regardless of what gender you are. That doesn't mean you can't tease them from time to time. :-D

  • Culture (I'm Sri Lankan, for the most part) - men take care of the women, to a fuller extent. The girl basically has that 1950s housewife role.

  • middle-eastern: no dating allowed.

  • I love this question!

    Self hate within the black community. Been going strong since we were slaves!

    • Haha! So true...

    • How is this a dating tradition?

    • lol I just thought of that. it's not a dating tradition, but it is very outdated and it does effect dating. Because so many black men have self hate and were taught that more European looks are more beautiful they date anything but black women and then a lot of them bash and degrade black women. Black women strive to be as "whittened up" as they possibly can with their ridiculous 24 inch weaves and skin bleaching creams. It's sad

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  • I usually do talk to them the next day if I like them. It's a great way to sort out the idiots that need those kind of games to stay interested.

    I don't feel constrained by any dating traditions, in fact I feel like I adhere to them more closely than any of the girls I've dated in recent memory.

    • I do as well, yet some people still play by these rules sadly.

    • The funny thing is that the women who adhere to them don't even see what they're really saying about themselves by doing it: "Oh my god, he likes ME?!? What a f*cking loser!"


  • One night stand.

    • That isn't so much a dating tradition as a single occurrence event.

    • Okay lol