Why does she text me randomly but not keep the convo going?

A girl that I like she lives several states away now. I knew her before but hadn't seen her in years. We met up and hit it off but she was moving. Well in the few weeks before she moved we hungout as much as we could kissed every time we were around each other, held hands and had a great time. We... Show More

Some other background is that I have always found her hard to read on the phone. Before she moved whenever we'd have great talks on the phone but just good conversation, nothing that said "wow she likes me" which always made me nervous about how she felt. But then when we'd meet up it was always great, she was affectionate and we clicked. So even when I had facts that she liked me I never got good reads from phone talks. So it makes it hard to know what she's feeling since its the same feel.