What do guys think when the girl they like tells them she has a kid?

Okay so I met this guy and we've been talking for a month already his a single man w/no responsibilities. The first day he asked me on a date I told him I had a baby (I told him that before going out on the date w/him) he said it was fine w/him because that showed him how responsible I am. But as I started to know him more he told me he doesn't like kids nor wants kids..So I don't know why he's still talking to me? He's those kind of guys that goes out every day and parties all the time and wants no responsibility, but I don't understand why he talks to me...He never calls me only texts me. We do hang out like once a week but that's all, he's confusing I don't know what he wants? sex? We already slept together once and he's the type of guy that can get any girl he wants. I never text him its always him looking for me..I stopped textig to him because I knew how different we were but after a week of no texting he text me to and asked me to start like friends again..What do you guys think he really wants?


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  • "On to the next one, on to the next; on to the next one, on to the next. . ."


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  • "He's those kind of guys that goes out every day and parties all the time and wants no responsibility"

    This statement alone makes me believe that he doesn't want a serious relationship with you or any girl for that matter. Especially one with a child. He's NOT ready to settle down for a serious relationship. He has his tickets and he's trying to enjoy his ride. Typically, guys without a child aren't into girls with one unless it's a fling. Regardless of what he says.

    • Thank You! Your answer makes sense..I was on the right track, its a fling.

  • Well if she is my age, 19 or under, I would have to let her go...


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