How to get over being played?

I've been dating this super amazing guy since March of this year. It hasn't been a cupcakes and butterflys, but I hung in because on the outside, he was everything I've ever wanted. Also he dated someone I knew and he was amazing with her, but I guess she broke his heart, and I've been the rebound girl to help him get over her until he found someone knew. I just realized all this last weekend, when for the first time I asked "where this was going" question, which he refused to answer, saying we'd talk about it in the morning. lol ya right, well of course we had sex, but as soon as the morning came he couldn't get out of his bed any faster. He treated me like crap, until I finally got my things together and cabbed home. Now a week later, haven't heard a word from him, I know it's over, I guess I've known for awhile that it just wasn't going to happen for us, but I like him so much I thought if I just hung in awhile longer things or he would change. What a joke I am! I'm 39, workout 6 days a week, and I know I'm not ugly...but looks doesn't always matter do they? I'm devastated, hurtting and just want to move on, he clearly has as I've heard from a mutual friend he's taking someone out this weekend that he met at a funeral last week, a! Any suggestions please?


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  • old recipe, accept it and move on...


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  • First off, two clarifications.

    1. "It hasn't been a cupcakes and butterflys, but I hung in because on the outside, he was everything I've ever wanted". On the outside ? Huh?

    2. You knew he just got out of a relationship and dated him, and yet you were all surprised when you found out you were the rebound. Typical mistake you make when you think you're just THAT special. You should've been more realistic. Sure, he should've been more honest with you but you should've asked him before getting into the whole thing.

    He's already dating another chick so there's your comfirmation that you weren't special at all. Sorry to be harsh, but the truth's ugly. Accept it and move on.