Have you ever been drunk texted/dialed?

One night my ex (still a good friend) started texted me, and his personality was a bit off. Then he called me. He said some things that really upset me, so I hung up. A few days later I asked him if he had been drinking, and he got mad and ended the conversation. He finally admitted that he was drunk out of his mind. Have you ever been drunk texted/dialed? What was your experience? Is it normal that I'm still upset about things he said (that he can't even remember saying)?


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  • Bahaha I've drunk texted/dialed before.

    I don't change much when I'm drunk, I'm just a little more outgoing, affectionate to those I know and am typically affectionate towards, a little more cautious (I'm not trying to get myself drugged at a frat party or club), and apparently I'm also full of nice things to say :P

    I normally call friends from home to tell them how much I love and miss them, if I'm not with my boyfriend I call him to tell him how much I love him and can't wait to see him, and sometimes I call my little sister because I love her so much :) I called my parents once... bad idea hahaha

    And it's totally fine to be upset with him, especially if he hasn't apologized.

    • Haha. Your answer cracked me up. I'd definitely have to say that drunk dialing the parents would never be a good thing. :p

      And he didn't apologize. He just said he didn't remember half the crap he was saying and not to hold it against him.

    • You should just tell him that just because he doesn't remember doesn't mean it didn't happen, and that he should apologize so you can stop feeling the way you do.


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  • A couple of times from friends sputtering drunk nonsense and asking me to join them in their fun at 2 in the morning and twice from my ex girlfriend, also sputtering nonsense about how she regretted breaking up with me and that she was sorry and all that business. I tend not to answer the phone after a certain hour because I know nothing good is waiting at the other end.

    As for me drunk calling/texting other people, I haven't done it, no. It's one of those things where I know it's a bad idea, regardless of how twisted drunk I am.

    • Haha, yeah never a good idea. I don't drink because I want to be in control of myself at all times.

      Yeah, ex drunk dialing is lame. Mine made a comment about my parents, and then he tried to make up a fake girlfriend to make me jealous. I acted like I didn't care, so that part backfired on him. haha

  • I've had friends who sent me texts and called me while drunk, I just left it as is knowing they're drunk.

    As per you being upset, depends on what was said, how it was said, etc. Can't really say whether you should or should not be upset still especially considering you don't even state how long ago it was or any other details like that.

    • It was recent...about a month ago or less maybe. He made a comment about my parents and tried to make me jealous by making up a fake girlfriend. I didn't give him an upset reaction on the girlfriend thing, which made him mad. haha

  • Nope.


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  • I think it is normal that you're upset. The fact that he doesn't remember probably makes it worse, lol.

    Anyways, besides my friends, my sister has drunk texted me before. The simple fact that she willingly said "I love you!" was a sure sign that she was totally gone. :P

    • Haha, it takes your sister being drunk to say she loves you. :p

      And yeah I was super frustrated when I was telling him the junk he was saying. He just said he didn't remember and please don't hold it against him. haha

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    • Ah, well, not sure what else you could do at this point. But if that's how he acts when he's drunk and not holding back, then I'm not sure I would want to be around him too much. :P

    • Yeah, that's the only time he's been drunk since I've known him. He used to be a heavy drinker, but he almost died...so he was inspired to stop. lol

      I'm just giving him space until he gets his head cleared.

  • No. And I've never done it because I've never been drunk.

    • I've never been drunk either. I can have plenty (and probably more) fun without it.

  • yeah some male friends call me often when they are dunk but we are always talking about some funny sh*t ^^