Guys, how many of you actually either text or call your girl 'good morning' and 'goodnight' everyday?

Just wondering how many of you actually think about her enough to where when you wake up, you either text or call her good morning and you say goodnight to her every night.

And GIRLS, cyrus7 brings up a good question: If a guy has done this, was it annoying for you?
I wouldn't know if it's annoying; as I've never had a guy text me Good Morning everyday.

I've had good morning texts before though, and the times I've gotten them...I enjoyed it; knowing they were thinking about me.


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  • Everyday? Not a chance in hell.

    I feel that I would be annoyed by it so no way I'd do that to someone else.

    It's about as bad as the people who keep calling once every 2 minutes even though you didn't answer the first time...if I didn't answer the first time what in the bloody blue hell makes you think that I'm gonna answer it the 5th time lol

    Also the magic behind the text vanishes if its something that is utilized far too frequently or something that occurs to the point where it feels like a task in and of itself to just view it, respond to it, or to originally send it. When something is overused you forget about the value of it and tend to take it for granted. Not to mention it just sounds clingy/obsessive, at least I think so.


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  • i did on like date days. I didn't do it regullarly tho.

  • well.. I would, but you don't have a phone for me to. XP

    • Awww Eli you're so cute :)

      thanks <3 :)

      When I get a new one in like a month ha ha then you can :D

  • I used to every day.

    She broke up with me though. =/ So not at the present.

  • wouldn't that be annoying to you?

    • I don't know lol I've never had it before.

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    • ah single life :)

      lol just go with the flow :)

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  • My boyfriend usually texts me one or the other every day, or I'll beat him to it sometimes.

    • See, I like this. It's good that you both kinda give it to each other. Some days he contacts you first and other days you contact him first.

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    • I completely agree! :) good for you two!