Going out with someone and not notice it?

Is it true that you can be going out with someone and not notice it? If it is, how do you find out?


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  • HAHHAH yes! It's funny that you ask that because I was just in a 'relationship' like that. I went on a few dates with a guy just to get to know him. We were dating we weren't going out. People are going to argue with me that there is no difference between those two but there is. Dating=not official, going-out= official. So we never became official....he never literally asked me to be his girlfriend or vise versa. Then one day he says that he wants to break up with me and it made me laugh because I never knew we were official.

    I found out from a few of his friends that we were "going out" lol yes it's weird but true.

    never until the day I have met that guy have I ever done something that I wasn't aware of doing lol

    so I think that it is possible and you can find out from his friends if anything.

    • But how do you know if you're on a date or dating some one then?

    • If it's just the two of you and he takes you out and pays for everything....if that's going on then you are definitely 'dating'

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  • When you see that you are doing the things that couples do, it becomes fairly obvious at that point. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

  • Talk to them. If you're doing stuff girlfriends and boyfriends do... then something is messed up there.

    • What do you mean girlfriend and boyfriend stuff? What do girlfriends and boyfriends do?

    • Like making out and all that

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  • Communication! Talk to the guy.