I sent him a message and have not gotten a response, should I take it as a loss?

I just wanted to privately tell you that I would never openly flirt with you in a professional situation, it is imperative I keep that privacy barrier tight. However I will say that I have an interest in being your friend, get to know you and have you get to know me. Would you be oppose to such a thing?

That is what I sent to him, I kept it casual and terse. Would you guys be creeped out if you got a message like that from a girl. Should I just cut my losses and assume I messed up somehow.


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  • I think the language you are using is pretty formal and, on top of it all, you are taking on the male role of pursuing. Now, sure, women can be the one to pursue, but honestly, if a guy is not pursuing you, there is usually a reason for it.

    If you believe he received this message already, then his lack of response is telling. In the end, what do you have to lose by waiting, but I would definitely not send another message. Oh, and fyi, you may feel that the message was casual and terse, but written communication is open to a very different interpretation by the receiver than the sender ever meant. The formality of your message really does not sound very casual to me. Casual would have been "Would you like to get coffee after work?" or something like that. It is better to not spell every little detail out if you want to be casual.

    • Do you feel as if the message made me come off as desperate?

    • No, just way too formal, and too formal is not a prelude to romance.


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  • i think that it was a little too forward. but to answer the question..if I got a text and I wasn't really interested in the girl. then no, I wouldn't be returning the texts.

  • I wouldn't be creeped out at all. I'd actually appreciate the honesty more than anything. Give it some time.

  • If that was me, I wouldn't be creeped out. Might want to tone down the formalities to a more simple /causal text. Being more causal = relaxed (=


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