Would you rather date a rocker or a sweetheart?

I hate to use stereotypes because not everybody fits 100% into one category. However, I was wondering for both girls and boys which was more appealing? Are you more attracted to someone who dresses daring and edgy or someone who reels it in with a more conservative look? Or maybe you like something else altogether. Let me know your opinions =)


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  • Totally, totally don't mind a sweetheart. Not one. Little. Bit. :-) I can't imagine there's many girls that would!

  • sweetheart:)

  • Rocker.

  • sweeeeeeetheart :)

  • Rocker style, not attitude :) because then we go more, leather and a pastel blue blouse just don't go ha ha

    • I couldn't agree more :D

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    Damn this ones tough I don't think I can say one over the other :D

  • I wouldn't date a rocker. So sweetheart.

  • sweetheart hands down.

  • The sweetheart wins every time for me. ;)