Should I kiss my best guy friend?

I am starting to fall for my best guyfriend in the whole entire world. We talk constantly, hang out in the same group, tell jokes, and just plain be oursleves. He knows I like him, but he hasn't said anything. Nothing. Nda. Zip. A dance is coming up, and I am definitely sure that he is going to ask me to dance, and I am thinking about kissing him. You have to remember, I have ansolutely have no idea if he likes me the way I like him. I am kind of scared to, but in a way, I am so exited! Please, please, please, HELP!


Most Helpful Girl

  • okay, you do not want to embarass yourself. so start off by finding out if he likes you if you really feel like you can't say it in person say it over a text or i.m sugest playing 20 questions ask him questions like, "who do you like" if he responds with no one or I can't tell you or I don't know persuade him to tell you and tell him the rules in the game are that you must tell the truth get him to spill it but also keep in mind you may end up getting hurt as well like if he says your friend or somthing idk. it worked for me and I am dating my best guy friend haha but he told me he liked me in that game while I had another boy friend made it awkward buut yeah good luck (:


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  • I would say go for it, especially if it feel like the right time to do so. He is your best friend and he will tell you how he feels. I had a similar experience I had a crazy night with my best friend and it was fun and awkward at the same time, we both love each other but we don't want to date each other because we don't want to risk our friendship. Anyways I say if he is your best friend he will still be your friend if you do it or not, the worst that could happen is he says thanks but I don't feel the same way. Good luck and I hope you both have a great time together.


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  • DO IT! you never kno. he might feel the same but he's scare to loose you. he knows you like him, so he deff likes you back, if not, he would of stopped talking to you cus he might feel awkward [TRUST ME, I KNOW] but he hasnt. so before its TOO LATE, DO IT!