Should I try online dating?

Should I try online dating if I don't want to do anything sexual with the men?

Quick inquiry about the online dating scene. Thanks !


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  • Yea I'd try it but you have to remember that if the relationship turns serious then sex will more than likely come up.


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  • You mean just for free meals and entertainmen from strangers? Sure! Sounds great!

    • I wasn't planning on going out to dinner with them. Kind of like, running buddies or coffee shop friends.

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    • haha yep you had me at suspected. Yes, sex makes you attached to someone, and makes breaking up more painful. But the time spent being unreasonably attached is nice.

      I couldn't be with a woman for a long time without sex being in the picture, I see no point in the relationship, nor do I want to marry, I see no point in the institution.

      Try and search for your interests. I've had some luck meeting friends that way.

    • The problem with is that the meetings are nowhere near me. I would have to make my own group in my area/town and hope for the best.

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  • OkCupid is decent if you're just looking for new friends, but you have to specify that in your profile settings so you don't mislead anyone or get a plethora of dirty messages. Most other dating sites consist of only people looking for sex or a relationship, but OkC has a bit more diversity.

    • Ok, thanks. I'll try OKC.

  • yes, but try the paid sites cause then they might take dating more seriously and be less creepy and shady