When he really cares vs when he just wants to have sex with you?

What is the difference in the way a guy will act towards/treat you when he really cares for you and respects you, like the girl he would want to date, compared to when he just thinks you're a really hot piece of ass that he wants to screw?

How will a guy treat you when he wants to date you? What about when he just wants to wham bam thank you maam?

Anything helps. Thanks!


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  • Wants to date: wants to get to know you as much as possible, talks/sees you when he can, goes out of his way to see you, doesn't bring up sex much (or not at all), doesn't pressure you into anything when you guys kiss, takes things slow, introduces you to his friends

    Wants to hit and leave: talks about sex a lot, brags about his performance, asks you sexually questions a lot, is more interested in your sex life than your real life, doesn't make an effort to see you, only wants to hang out at night


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What Guys Said 1

  • Umm if a guy actually cares then it won't be about sex, plain and simple. If after a few dates he is talking and pressuring you about sex then you will know. And also if a guy calls you hot and kinda gets physcial flirting with you he more than likely just wants some.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think a guy will make more of a consistent effort if he's really into you. His actions will show you he cares, not just his words. You really just gotta learn to read people and tell when someone is being genuine - it's not foolproof, but I think it's the best you can do because every situation is different. I guess it just comes from experience though. Sorry if that wasn't much help..

  • If we could tell, don't you think we wouldn't get f***ed over as much?