Why hang with douche bags?

Hey girls out there, it seems to me that a lot of the attractive girls like to be surrounded by douche bag guys (I'm not saying that all of them do, but I've seen this a lot), why is this? Don't you guys realize that there are guys out there with original personalities and not just the arrogant self-righteous mix between skater and wanna be gangster? (again I'm not saying all of you do, but I'm just wondering why a girl would want to be like this)


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  • 1. They're funny

    2. They're interesting

    3. They may have some similar tastes

    4. they're not douche bags

    5. that arrogance is just confidence that jealousy/envy is mislabeling

    6. they are fun to hang around with

    t there are guys out there with original personalities

    ^ So these guys you deem 'douche bags' because they're 'arrogant' and their friends are hot girls you know their personality?


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