How do I let a guy know that I'd like to go on a date with him?

I recently got out of a serious relationship that lasted 7 years. Since I was in high school when the relationship started, I've never really been out on what I would classify as a real date - just kind of hung out and fell in love that way. There are a couple of guys that I would like to try going out on a date with that are acquaintances. I don't know how to convey that I would like to try going out with them. Any advice please?


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  • If they are acquaintances and know you are now single, well a little flirting goes a long way in showing them you have an interest in them.

    I don't agree with the advice about asking them out. I am not a fan of that in any case as I have seen time and time again that if a guy does not ask you out, there is usually a good reason for it. However, when you ask a guy out who is an acquaintance you risk making things pretty uncomfortable between the two of you. A lot of people are definitely not comfortable telling a friend that they don't want to date them or don't see them that way. It can create a permanent change in your relationship, so just make sure it is worth that risk.

    • Thanks. I'll just work on my flirting - I've never been very good with it so it will definitely take some practice. :)

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    • Thank you for best answer!

    • You're welcome! The combination of all of the advice you gave me was very helpful. :)


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  • Well they're acquaintances so you already have one foot in the door. So, just how well do you know these guys? Are they passing acquaintances, guys at work, guys you're known for a while now but haven't had a chance to get to know them beyond whatever your common denominator is? If you don't already, start by getting their phone numbers and just texting them every now and then. Build up a rapport with them and find out what other things you have in common. As you become more friendly with each other and show that you have an interest, they'll start to wonder if you like them or not and one of them will be bound to ask you out.

    • Well, one of them I know fairly well and have had a lot of interactions and conversations with. The other guy I've only met once through mutual friends but we talk all the time on Facebook and we have a lot in common that we discuss all of the time online. I don't have either of their phone numbers but it shouldn't be difficult to get either since I talk to them a lot online already. Thanks!

    • So get their numbers and don't ask them out, but just see if they want to hang out.

  • This is why it's usually weird to go steady at such a young age, you don't really taste life the way you should. Now you don't know how to approach guys as an adult.

    STart with joiking around with them, call them 'handsome," name places you're thinking of going or moview you're thinking of seeing.

    • Yeah, that's exactly true. I'm utterly confused. lol But those are very helpful ideas. Thanks!

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  • Ask him, just ask him out for coffee or drinks. It's OK to do that. In fact, he'll like that. Get the ball rolling. Don't play games & drop hints or tell people to tell him, etc. Just ask, be assertive. You'll be glad you did. Have fun.

    • Coffee sounds pretty safe. That way it could just be friends going out if he doesn't want it to be any more than that. Thanks! And don't worry, I don't want anyone telling him that I like him. That seems way too middle/high school for me.

    • Exactly. And no games, weird flirting to "get" him to ask you. That can be a real turn off. When you have coffee, you can actually talk & get to know more about each other & see if you want a date or not. Don't be afraid to give him your number at the end of coffee and tell him to call you if he'd like to because you had a really nice time talking with him.

    • Thanks! That sounds like a pretty great idea. I just need to work up the nerve to do it. lol

  • Just flirt with them and try to get closer...I don't like the idea of asking guys out, like the other girl below me said. It has to happen naturally

  • Ask him out. Don't waste time following that stupid stereotype of "Guys should approach first".

    • I've never actually had a guy ask me out in any way. Every time it was me doing the asking, so I was hoping to have a guy ask me out for once. But I may just do that anyway. Thanks!

    • Haha You do it again then :) Enjoy your time!

    • Thanks! I intend to. :)