When do you want to kiss?

What's a good way to give off the vibe to a guy that you want him to kiss you?

What usually leads up to a kiss?

(Besides telling me to make the first move)

Can you usually tell when two people look like they want to do it?


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  • Men are more straightforward and simple. And you ask how to do something and not just do it.

    Yes making a move is the best choice. Also hard and even better choice is asking for it. Straightforward. "Kiss me already, you moron!" Works every time. [if he likes you and sometimes I he don't as well]

    Other than that, if there is no chance you are going to do first two, then I recommend staying close (so you don't violate his bondaries). As close as possible. Plus patience. He will figure it out sooner or later :).


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  • I don't know how often I have read "but I want him to make the first move" on here. What's s bad with taking the initiative for once?

    Bite your lip, point at your mouth, squeeze your boobs.

    • I agree with you... There's nothing wrong with that :)

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    • =)

      Then think of it this way, what would give YOU the hint that it's OK to kiss him?

    • If he said something, or made a move on me. But in past experiences, the guy will do it if he wants to

What Girls Said 3

  • I usually bite my bottom lip a little and look at his lips

  • what I do , is when we're talking I usually look at his eyes then glance at his lips and back to his eyes , and bite my lip. sometimes he'll wrap his arms around me and pull me closer to him as we still talking and I'll repeat looking at his lips and that'll do the trick .

  • lean in a smidge closer and looked into his eyes