Should I text him or not?

we met last night and he's hot and nice. he seemed interested in me and asked for my number and then texted me practically straight after I left. I told him to text me today but he hasnt. Should I text him if he doesn't text me after a few days? or should I wait. I really like him and ant to see him again


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  • wait so you can create the suspense. and he will be wandering if you will write him or not. ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • If it has been a few days then I def. wouldn't. You just met. Him texting you right after isn't surprising because you were on his mind. But if he doesn't put forth any effort after that then he just wasn't that interested. I've had guys call/text every day for weeks after meeting them trying to get me to hang out with them. THAT is a sign of interest. But I've also had guys call that night and then I never hear from them again. He just wasn't all that interested.

    You can text him if you want to. But in my experience, the ones that sat back and made me do all of the chasing (especially right in the beginning) didn't work out.