What next? I can't stop thinking about him!

OK so this is going to be long but I'm kind of desperate. I meet the man of my dreams. We were amazing together, everything was perfect. He treated me like a princess. He literally got out of a 3 year relationship right before we met and we instantly clicked, I knew he didn't want to move fast so I moved at his pace which seemed to be fast. He then took me out of town to meet his mom/family. After a day of being with them he said "this isn't going to work I'm not ready for this and I don't want to hurt you later" so we ended things but he said he still wanted to talk and hang out bit he hasn't contacted me in 3 days. I sent him a text just saying "hope you're OK. Thinking of you" and no reply! Do I just forget about him? He said he just needs time and I'm still hoping he wants to be with me later on.


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  • He just got out of a long relationship. He is still emotionally "with" that other person. He might have been using you as a replacement unknowingly. Honestly things may be able to work after he gets over that girl but if you have a relationship right now with him...hes going to have emotions for her while he is with you.

    Don't text him unless he texts you first. Be understanding, but all you can do for now is wait. I know it hurts...but you have to do everything you can to make it work even if that means not talking to him.


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  • He seems quite mature and self-aware.

    Definitely a keeper. Just give it some time.

  • 3 year relationship ended and the very next moment he met you. That wasn't correct. He needed at least few days to sort the mess in his head. But now it's too late for it and you got hurt.

    I think the best you can do is to meet him in person as soon as you can to talk about whether or not to continue your relationship.

    Don't just hang out with him if he says no to a relationship, for you it would be torture. Nobody wants to keep hanging on, you know?

    • I haven't heard from him since Monday, so seeing him in person probably isn't going to happen unless I just show up at his place which would be creepy lol this is already torture for me I was so close to msging his mom. But stopped myself.

  • That's a really difficult situation. I wouldn't suggest you bother him right now. Neither should you the next 10 days cause he might consider you clingy. Just give him some time and see. I'd rather you wait until he texts or call you first. If he's really interested in you and if he wants to start a relationship but still hasn't got over his ex, he definitely needs some time, you should press him into a new relationship however deeply he loves you. No rush. Just wait. Do your things. Keep yourself busy and it will help you to stop thinking about him for a while. If he does nothing during the next 3 months, you can forget about him.

    Personally, I think he's really into you and once he feels it's right then he'll come back to you.

  • You screwed up at his parents, what did you do?

    • I didn't screw up lol his family really liked ms his mom gave mr a big hug an said "he's worth the wait I hope I'll see you again"

    • Very strange

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