How can I tell which black girls are attracted white guys?

I'm a white guy, obviously, but I'm tired of dating white girls. I've dated a few black girls and it was easier all around and more enjoyable. The only problem is they were all set up with me through my friend. So how can I tell on my own which ones are gonna be about it, and which ones are gonna laugh in my face? As you can see I speak from experience, brutal


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  • smile and see if they smile back


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  • im black and I like guys from all races. I got numbers from 4 white guys this weekend that I liekd and they liked me back. we are no different than any white,spanish,asian girls. if you like us make it known. smile, talk to us/get to know us and flirt. just start a convo and good luck!

  • Look at their circle of friends maybe ? :3

  • try a brown one :)

    • Im confused, but its not really the color or features I'm attracted to, its the personality and mentality of most, but not all of them, that I like

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  • Dude. It doesn't matter if there black or white.,

    its more or less the same when it comes to knowing if a girl is interested in you (or any other white guy for that matter) , keep looking and I'm sure you will find someone.

  • they have a scar on their head that spells "white only"

    what do you think ?

    • Hahaha, awesome answer bud, but in my experience its worked out 2 or 3 times and then the other 10 I was laughed at and once I got called a "wigga" and a drink thrown in my face. I can assure you I know I'm white and don't try to act black. I just looked at her and laughed and said "a simple no thanks would suffice"

    • try one at a country club