I kissed his friend. Will this work?

I was seeing a guy, we've always had a thing, this summer it actually came to something - we both said it was casual, summer fling, no relationship because of uni. He went on holiday and there are photos of him kissing girls - I don't care, he can kiss who he wants when he wants, I just still want to get with him before I go back to uni.

Last night, he was at work and his best friends were out - one of them was flirting with me all night and trying really hard - he's a complete player but I'm fine with that - it was just kissing. He definitely knows because it happened in front of his brother and both of his best friends, and everyone else haha

I don't know if it will make him do anything - any advice on what to do next? I want to hint that I'm still here and fancy him..


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  • No it won't. It will do quite the opposite I think.


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  • Then you probably shouldn't have kissed his friend. Now he will probably associate you with the kissing.