What you date a classmate?

Say your in the middle of a semester, and you want to date a classmate would you do that right then and then. Or wait till the class is over just in case things get awkward or backfire.


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  • I'd date during the semester. You're probably already flirting and what not during class, while not dating, so I don't see how dating would make it awkward. If it happens to backfire for whatever reason, that's life...move on and try your best to avoid the awkwardness.

    • Ahaha you got that right "probably already flirting" we end up going out to drink and movie already. Then again we kept it as friends for now.

  • I'd definitely wait till class is over :) less people can witness it and you aren't in the middle of a teaching or anything :D

    • Ya I feel you on this one

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