How does it feel like kissing someone with braces?

No I'm not a kid or a teenager, but I have braces and my guy has asked me if he can kiss me, I've said yes, but now I'm thinking how he'd feel , my ex was absolutely fine with it. So what's your opinions


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  • I was 45 when I got braces. I was in a relationship but shortly after we split up. The break-up was traumatic as break-ups can be, and on top of it I panicked that no one would want to date me with braces, lol. Very dramatic, like I was a teenager :) So, not too long after I did start dating and no one had a problem with it. I laughed too that if I put my hair in pigtails and smiled, I looked like a naughty school girl. I never had anyone tell me that kissing me was odd or a problem either.


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  • I once had a girlfriend wearing braces: her kisses were delicious.


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  • you kiss with your lips not your teeth;)

    • What about when you're using tongues ? I've heard of some weird storys of how their tongues got caught in the brace

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    • I have never heard of a tongue getting caught in braces. I have heard of 2 people getting their braces stuck but I think that is a myth. You would have to do some real open lip intense kissing for the braces to join.

  • feels the same as kissing someone without.