Does it count as a date?

So next weekend, I'm basically meeting up with a guy and he's coming over to mine to play Mario together. Its just going to be us and this is actually the second time we'll have spoken in person. However, he asked my friend if he should ask me out (my friend had also been kinda trying to set us up) and I think he might like me.

So is this basically a date? o_O


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  • No

  • play mario together xD

    that's dead cute

    and I guess it depends on what people classify as a date. he may think it is, but you may not.

    but I would classify that as just hanging out

    • Hehe, thanks xP we kinda got talking through a Mario/Sonic debate and then suggested we played Mario together... and now it appears we're going to xD

      And thanks, its kind of the first time I've done something like this... I've never had a boyfriend or something of such so yeah... =)