History of black men, white women?

America's racial history has engineered this twisted tale as much as the reality of the Black male literally disappearing from the Black family. The attack on Black males in America in particular, has brought about the destruction of Black family life--a system fostered by slavery, Jim Crow and... Show More

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  • I am sorry I missed you.

    Dated and married across racial lines, yet I am a Tea Party conservative like Herman Cain.

    I have insights, here. I would like dialog with you and won't pursue a "relationship" with you. I have a difficult schedule, so it will take some time, but your gripe is not a transient one.

    You won't like some of my responses because I will not appease you to get on your good side.

    Many, like you, are "Waiting to Exhale". The problem is that so many more Black women survive the social/sexual jungle, get their Bachelors and work in government or the private sector than the men who get derailed into the rap/sagging culture and CAUSE THEMSELVES to be locked out into obscenely high unemployment.

    I'll look for a private message. If I don't get one, my advice is to marry a man who treats you with respect. Let him be the man in a traditional sense, not just the recreation part of your vibe. The few that are Black know they are rare and often will let you know. Many middle class white men want refuge from the sophisticated, Feminist "Sex in the City" mentality of educated white women. Don't be one of these with a natural tan.

    More if you care.