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History of black men, white women?

America's racial history has engineered this twisted tale as much as the reality of the Black male literally disappearing from the Black family. The... Show More

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  • I am sorry I missed you.

    Dated and married across racial lines, yet I am a Tea Party conservative like Herman Cain.

    I have insights, here. I would like dialog with you and won't pursue a "relationship" with you. I have a difficult schedule, so it will take some time, but your gripe is not a transient one.

    You won't like some of my responses because I will not appease you to get on your good side.

    Many, like you, are "Waiting to Exhale". The problem is that so many more Black women survive the social/sexual jungle, get their Bachelors and work in government or the private sector than the men who get derailed into the rap/sagging culture and CAUSE THEMSELVES to be locked out into obscenely high unemployment.

    I'll look for a private message. If I don't get one, my advice is to marry a man who treats you with respect. Let him be the man in a traditional sense, not just the recreation part of your vibe. The few that are Black know they are rare and often will let you know. Many middle class white men want refuge from the sophisticated, Feminist "Sex in the City" mentality of educated white women. Don't be one of these with a natural tan.

    More if you care.

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  • What happens if a guy, who just happens to have black skin, meets a girl who happens to be white and they hit it off? What if they just like each other, not because of the color of their skin but the content of their character? Can that not happen? And why WOULDN'T they be proud of their kids?

  • Soooo basically, your saying it sucks to be a black woman? Not true, but whatever, I can't change your mind or open it.

  • So, the responsibility of the breakdown of the black family is because of society? It's not the individual's responsbility to refuse drugs? The blame game; I love to play it.

  • Wow, you're vision of what a black man or black woman is in America is really skewed or jaded. What happened in the past with slavery and such was in the past. It still happens I'm sure in the deep south or other areas today. Also, there is still a racial tone in society, all-be-it very subtle, even today and will always be there I think until Revelations I suppose. Black women had it even more rough then black males back then because of the rapes and tortures and such. Plus being doubly segregated because of being black and a woman. However, I don't think Roselyn Payne Epps, Mae Jemison, Carol Moseley Braun, or Condoleezza Rice could even think about what they have done or what they wanted to become if it was still like it was back then. If you're a strong woman, black, white, Asian, Latino, etc., and also depending on if you want it bad enough, you can do a lot of things any man can do today. It's more difficult I will agree, but it's no where near as difficult as it was back before civil rights and such. At least you have a say and a "VOTE". If you put yourself into a position of acquiring what you want, ie. education, environment, attitude, then you have an even better opportunity to be successful.

  • So I like other races because I hate myself? O_O hmmm

    • LOL! Well when you put it that way...:)

  • Are you diamond3?

    • who?

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    • this is not me

    • i really could careless if a black guy dates white. Majority of black men I would never date anyways because most don't meet my standards. I'm perfectly fine dating outside my race before I settle for a no good black man

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  • girl forget about the black man dating white! most of the black men who do date white you probably wouldn't want anyways.

    • :D have a GREAT Weekend! xoxoxoxo

  • ugh, maybe you should try to be more desirable to your men.

  • Let's not forget that africans were selling other africans to white slavers. I really hate how black people like to believe that africa has been a peaceful continent until whitey showed up. in reality, africa has a long history of civil unrest and take over of other people, then selling them into slavery. africans didn't see each other as fellow africans, instead they saw each other as foreigners. it got to the point that african countries experienced a dangerous rate of depopulation due to all the selling of slaves that they themsleves greatly benefited from. it was the primary source of income for a lot of african countries. So a lot of this history was infact perpetuated by blacks themselves. But to answer your question, I really don't like interracial couples either. white girls are conditioned to believe that based on this history you speak of, we now need to feel guilt, so if we're nice to black people then it shifts the blame off of us. everyone knows that black guys aren't shy about throwing up the race card if a white girl doesn't want to date a black guy if she prefers white men. whereas, a black girl, can proudly say she only wants to date black men. white girls are sort of forced to buy into this multicultural crap so they aren't labeled a racist.

    • its a difference. africans sold other africans into slavery because they were enemies not because they were black. if there was a way to get rid of your enemy wouldn't you take it? all races have had enemies with in there own race. white people saw black people as a whole as something barbaric,beastly,and unhuman so they oppressed us.

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