Should I get serious with a doctor?

I met this really hot guy and he has a body like those 300 men and he has blond hair and blue eyes. He wants to get serious with me and honestly I like men who got money. I'm in college and I'm 19 and he is 39. I don't want to settle down but honestly I don't know any men close to or around my age who make as much money as him I mean he drives a 2011 lexus and has his own condo. I grew up in a low class family.and the younger guys are rude jerks especially the black guys (im african American). Like they are rude when you ignore them. I just want a successful man is not a loser. And I'm a video vixen and I have been told that I have a nice body.i have a real DDs and a small waist and a real big butt that is toned. Is it wrong that I have such high standards?


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  • It isn't wrong to have such high standards. You've obviously met so many guys that have been a jerk towards you. The huge age gap is bothering me really bad. He's had 20 more years of life experience than you he might be playing you. You might be just another girl to him that came along. But hey, it's worth looking into. Try and see where this thing with this doctor goes.


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  • Should I get serious with a doctor? Go for it.

    Is it wrong that I have such high standards? I don't consider you liking money high standards.

    But it's okay for girls to have high standard since most men have high standards too it's just most don't have the opportunity to go for it when they're young.