Guys: why do you do this?! he got my number but didn't call?!

Why do guys go out of their way to try and talk to a girl and once they get her number they don't call or (in my situation) call once but then don't call back after. Also, is it possible that they will and are just waiting? How long is too long and what's the longest you (guys) have waited to call a girl that you're still interested in?


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  • Guys overanalyze sometimes too. We wonder when is too soon, when is too long, should we call or send a text instead, stuff like that. If you have his number, just call or text him back. Put him at ease.

    • So how long would you wait to give another call? (the guy that is)...I actually did call but that left me in even greater confusion (long story)

    • If I called and left a voice mail, I'd probably wait a day or two. At that point, I'd actually probably send a text.


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  • Quick note to you and all females, number does not always equal I want to date you. God it is like this word has become synonymous with wanting a date. Maybe he asked your number because he genuinely thought you were cool and he might invite you next time he is throwing a party or whenever he has some time.

    • So can I have your number? :)

    • In my situation I don't think it's like that...he actually did call and we talked for bout a half hour but then I had got off because he had called really late and I only answered because I knew it was him. From the conversation we were having and the time he got my number it was based off of attraction plus he seemed really interested in me...

  • Not all guys would do this. I would call. I am a guy.

  • Maybe you should text him...

    send him (BOO) that's it... if he is into you he will reply


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  • "omg should I call?"

    "no you don't want to seem too desperate!"

    "oh okay, I'll wait a bit, it will make me seem aloof and cool"

    "yeah bro awesome"

  • It depends on the kind of guy he is, but he definitely likes to talk to you. :)