How to handle bad dating experience and how to get over someone that I can't get with?

My aunt recommended I invited this guy from a club that kept asking if he could hang out with me to join us today. I hang out with this guy and my aunt. I was so uncomfortable. He was a really nice guy, but he kept touching my arms. He was too nice and paid for everything. He even said that we are friends. Now, he emailed me for my phone number. How do I respond to him? I told him that I will eat with him next week since I told him I am busy tomorrow (but I am paying so that I can feel fair and square).

It stinks that the guy that I am interested in is a superintendent. He is an expert in his field, and I think I have so much in common to talk to him since I am a student in that field. However, he is sort of mentoring me and giving me tours. It is really frustrating because he flirts with me (smiled, laughed, explained things, dilated pupils, bumped me several times, opened doors, etc) but he don't over do it. I came out more frustrated because I don't know if he is playing with me and even if I did like him, I don't know how to step it up since I am going back to the state in less than a month.

How to handle bad dating experience and how to get over someone that I can't get with?


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  • Well dear girl he is obviously very experienced in that field so he wants you to feel like that way he is clearly dominant. And I bet that you want to date him more. Nobody is perfect so you could be brutally honest with him and play him out by being untouchable by his confusingly nice and good behavior. Most of all be confusingly honest to him like you know what he is doing that or this.And good luck with.


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