Do Asian men find black women attractive?

Okay so I would call my self attractive. 5'2, light skinned, VERY curvy (lots call me"thick"). and I have always been attracted to Asian men with "swag" lol. I'm just wondering if Asian men even find african American women attractive? Any got any advice or answers?


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  • I'm sure many do, just let them know you're interested. Try to break the ice and get freindly with them. They may not be sure you're into them

    • Thanks! and I hope that works. I'm shy as it is! lol

    • lol, should make it a little easier than I think :). just approach them from the freinds perspective I guess, breaks the ice

    • im not Asian but what you stated does sound very attractive! lol


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  • haha,we Asian men ain't racists,

    but the fact is,i haven't seen many of my Asian bros who date black girls,

    a few have dated white girls though,and marriage?havent seen any,maybe its just not working out,the eastern and western world are so different I advice,sorry I don't have much dating experience. >.<


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  • Im sure of it. This is a big world everyone hooks up everyday :)