Why does he text more than he calls?

There is this guy , we have liked each other for a very long time . We have not done anything sexually . I have a feeling he has girlfriend, wouldn't he tell me by now if he did have a girlfriend . Another thing why does he text me more than he calls me ? By him not calling me that means he really don't like me right? Thanks guys!


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  • It could be any of the reasons below, or it could be that he just prefers texting over talking.

    Keep in mind that this behavior is what you could expect if you were in a relationship with him, so if it bothers you now, it would bother you more if you got together with him.

    Either screw up the courage and TALK to him about it, or drop him and move on.


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  • Yea I for one prefer texting, also some guys probably are not able to come up with enough interesting conversation to be talking on the phone for an hour or so, if this is the case for him it probably puts him off doing it. I wouldn't take it personally just ask him.

    As for the girlfriend side of it, again ask him I guess. If he doesn't no harm done, if he does then you probably don't want to be with him...

  • there are a lot of reason why he might not call you more than text.
    1. Maybe he doesn't know what to talk about with you on phone
    2. Maybe he does have a girlfriend, that's why he is saving his money
    3. Maybe he doesn't top up his phone regularly, and have only free text left
    4. Maybe he is shy on phone..

    about your suspicion of him having a girlfriend, I think you might ask him yourself, you will be settle with an answer from that person himself. :)


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  • No it doesn't mean that at all. My boyfriend is more comfortable with texting because it gives him more time to think of things and with texting there are no awkward pauses. I have asked a similar question because at the time I was really frustrated with it all, it was only texting and no calling though. Once in a while we will actually talk on the phone but it is still almost all text. I guess everyone's different.

  • some people just hate talking on the phone so txting for them is easier